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Serving Companies and Their Packaging Needs Since 1999

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Our equipment is the most advanced state-of-the-art in the USA!

Most of the equipment is custom built to our exact specifications based on our customers’ requirements including, Quad Seal bags, Double Cut capabilities, Auxiliary Gussets, large format vacuum bags and 100% Recyclable Bags or Stand-Up Pouches.

Located in Loveland, Ohio a suburb of Cincinnati,
Flex-Pack is a packaging company that offers an ideal distribution point to the major transportation arteries.

State of Ohio

Flex-Pack started as Packaging Specialties in 1999

As a manufacturer’s representative organization. Over the years it has grown to become an industry leader in the flexible packaging industry and custom bag converter. Today, our management team has over 75 years experience in the plastics industry.

Working together, every Flex-Pack employee continues to support the long-standing goal that everyone deserves an opportunity to work and succeed in a positive environment despite any disabilities, disadvantages, race or gender. Flex-Pack is an equal opportunity employer.

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We bring packaging to life!

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