4 Ways to Take Your ​Product Packaging​ to the Next Level

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Stand out from the crowd with unique, eye-catching product packaging.

Whether it’s for consumer or industrial packaging, Flex-Pack has the flexible packaging solution you need to stand out from your competitors. Our packaging company has been working within the product packaging industry since 1987, and we were incorporated in 1994, so we know a thing or two about what makes our flexible packaging better. Take a look at our list of four ways you can enhance your brand.

1. Use Product Packaging That Fits

Nothing looks more unprofessional than heading into work in an outfit that is three times too big and hanging off of your frame. This is exactly how your consumers feel when they receive a tiny product in a supersized package. Not only does using fitted product packaging help perishable items stay fresher for longer, but it’s also more aesthetically pleasing.

On the same note, make sure the flexible packaging solution you choose isn’t too tight-fitting for your product! Struggling to peel the wrapper off of something that should fit comfortably inside sends the signal that you are out of touch with consumers and their experience. You might be surprised at what a big difference this one small factor can make.

2. Brand It

This might seem obvious, but there are plenty of companies who slap their product in a clear polypropylene bag and stick a small white label on the front with a title and price point. Whether they want to admit it or not, consumers enjoy seeing the interesting logos and brand styles of different companies. Do you think that people buy Nike shoes for the laces? No, it’s because of the brand. Make your brand noticeable by having a clear logo on the front of every package you send out.

3. Add A Personal Touch

If you don’t mind spending a little bit extra, you can go above and beyond the standard product packaging by putting a little personal touch in each stand-up pouch or bag. A thank you note, small blurb about the business, entry to an online contest, or a surprise treat of some kind will keep consumers coming back to you for more of the same. Cereal companies have been doing this for decades, and they have the right idea. Sometimes a shopper will buy a product specifically for the special prize, rather than the product itself.

4. Stand Out From The Crowd

Finally, don’t leave your product packaging looking tame and boring. Yes, you want to appear professional, but you also want to be eye-catching and keep people wondering what color your packaging will be next year. At Flex-Pack, we offer a variety of sizes, styles, and colors of packaging, and we are more than happy to print your logo on each stand-up pouch, bag, or any other flexible packaging solution of ours you choose.


Call Flex-Pack today and speak to our friendly staff about your product packaging options.

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