9 Terms Every Flexible Packaging Shopper Should Know

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If you’re unfamiliar with the terms used to describe the your flexible packaging, let us put your mind at ease.

1. Burst Strength:

This is an important term to know, especially if your package is holding something liquid. Burst strength is a measurement of how strong a package is compared to the force used to break or pop it. High burst strength means a durable bag.

2. Conformability:

This is the essence of flexible packaging. Conformability is the characteristic that allows flexible packaging to bend and flex without being damaged. The higher the conformability, the less likely it is that the pouch will tear when bent.

3. Pouch:

A pouch is a type of flexible packaging that is created when two thin sheets of plastic are formed into a pocket. These packages hold everything from dog food to liquid soap.

4. Polyethylene:

There’s nothing worse than looking at the back of a package and realizing you don’t understand what some of the words mean. Fortunately, polyethylene is nothing to worry about. It is simply the most common form of plastic used in the packaging industry.

5. Polypropylene:

This is a type of plastic that is used in many flexible packaging materials. It is considered a thermoplastic polymer and is resistant to a number of chemical bases, making it a highly durable ingredient in the creation of flexible packaging.

6. Stand-up Pouch:

A stand-up pouch is a feature of flexible packaging, which allows packages to stand up in a cupboard or on other flat surfaces. While the pouch itself remains malleable and can fit into small spaces, the base helps the product to remain upright. This is particularly helpful for liquid packaging.

7. Zipper Pouch:

Commonly used in freezer and sandwich bags, a zipper pouch is a specific type of seal, which utilizes raised and lowered portions of plastic to create a seal. Most flexible packages on the market now have these types of seals, allowing customers to continually open, close, and reuse products inside.

8. Package Spout:

This is a feature, which is outfitted to liquid packaging products; allows customers to open and access liquids without opening the entire package. From liquid laundry detergent to sports drinks, Flex-Pack designs products with these spouts for customer convenience and easy access.

9. Chemical Resistance:

This is particularly important in packages, which hold cleaning supplies and other products prone to chemical reactions. The chemical resistance of a product is tested during packaging and describes a package’s ability to hold a chemical with no reaction.For more information on the terms listed above and the products created here at Flex-Pack, contact us today; or visit us online!

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