Chemical and Industrial Packaging

Chemical and Industrial Packaging

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Chemical and industrial packaging usually entails finding innovative and effective packaging solutions that can ensure that not only allude to the high quality of your products but also make it so this quality is never compromised. Regardless of the type of chemical and industrial packaging industry, you are part of; at flex-pack, we have something for everyone!

If your chemical or industrial products are hazardous, your customers need to be protected 

When one thinks about the packaging of chemicals and industry-grade substances, the first thing that comes to mind is the potentially hazardous nature of some of these contents. As the product manufacturer or provider, it is important for you to make sure that no matter who your end consumer is, whether it is another company that uses your product s for manufacturing their own products or it is stand-alone customers; anyone purchasing and using your products should be safe from harm.

In that case, generic plastic or paper-based packaging cannot only be insufficient to contain the product well but can also endanger spillage or leakage of the product that may prove to be harmful to your customers and can open your company up to a lot of trouble. The solution to this, then, is to use flex pack’s industry-grade packaging solutions that are specifically designed to hold and contain chemicals and industrial products to stop external elements from ruining their integrity, as well as containing the product in a way that keeps to user safe from the products as well. This is made possible thanks to the added layers of multi-film that are used in our packaging solutions which ensure that the necessary barriers are put in place. 

Chemicals and Industrial products come in different forms, and so require unique solutions

This does not, however, mean that all chemicals and industrial product can be potentially hazardous and toxic; a lot of the products in these categories are mild and do not threaten harm to the users, such as dyes, cleaning agents, glues and adhesives, and a wide array of more product. The implication of this is that using packaging solutions that provide barriers is not the only consideration that should be taking into account for your chemical and industrial packaging solutions


Chemicals and industrial products come in different shapes, sizes, consistencies, etc. 

When the average person thinks of chemicals, they may picture steaming, foaming, or effervescent liquids of different vibrant colors. While this is true for some chemicals and industrial products, in reality, these products come in many different forms. Some chemicals may come in powder consistencies, while others are thick and gooey semi-solids, and still, yet, some may be entirely solid. This means that there is no one size fits all solution for chemical packaging. For instance, could you package epoxy in the same package as you would contain, say, actual industrial-grade tools and hardware? 

As a provider of chemicals and industrial products, you must make sure that each product is packaged in a way that fits its own unique specifications and packaging requirements. To make your job easy, at flex-pack, we take it upon ourselves to do most of the leg work and ensure that you have the option to customize the packaging of each and every one of your products according to their specifications as well as the function they have been built to serve.  

Ease of use is another factor to remember

When deciding upon a packaging solution for your products, you must also take into consideration how easy it is to use the packaging you have decided to land on for your target consumer. More than anything, this would depend on what the type of chemical of industrial material within the packaging is. For instance, for a chemical with a liquid consistency, it will do you well to use flex-packs spouted pouches so that spillages can be avoided and the product can be poured out easily.

Chemical packaging

Our chemical packaging solutions at Flex pack provide you the perfect mix of function and visual appeal. We understand that the packaging solutions for chemicals, more often than naught, need to be much tougher than the average product and so we ensure that the products you avail from us provide the highest quality of materials.  Our packaging solutions not only provide your robust containment for your substances but also give your chemical packaging the extra touch of visual appeal that helps you stand out from your competition.

Cleaner packaging

Cleaners and detergents are best packaged in the box pouches or stand up pouches that you will find here at flex pack. This because the way that these products are used, makes it necessary for the cleaner packaging and detergents to be contained in user-friendly packages. For instance, of your cleaning agent comes in a powdered form, the best option of cleaner packaging would be to use a box pouch. If it is liquid, you may want to consider the spouted stand-up pouches available in our product line. No matter what the type of your product is, our flexible packaging solutions can be customized t match your exact needs.

Durable packaging

Because the use of chemicals and similar products is more often than naught in heavy industries, it is very important that your products are held in durable packaging. This means that your chemicals and industrial materials have the necessary protection that saves them from leaking or spilling over, and they also have the necessary barriers that prevent them from reactive with external substances and contaminants around them that can compromise their quality.

Long-lasting packaging

As a chemical and industrial products vendor, you are well aware of the consumption pattern of such products. You know that these products are long-term investments on part of companies and stand-alone users alike, as opposed to being a continuous and frequent purchase. This means that you must ensure that your products are held within long-lasting packaging so that they can be used for long periods and do not lose their quality before the date they are set to expire. And there is no better place to acquire long-lasting packaging for your products than at flex pack.

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