Flex-Pack: SQF Certified

Flex-Pack SQF Certification

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Flex-Pack is an SQF Certified company. Find out what that means and why it’s important.

Being SQF certified is becoming more and more important in today’s expanding marketplace, and Flex-Pack is ahead of the game. The acronym stands for “Safe Qualified Food Program” and it was designed for the savvy consumer and all those involved in the consumer process – from suppliers to retailers.

With the demands for cleaner water, organic ingredients, and fewer chemicals, companies have really had to crack down on where supplies are coming from, and how clean and high quality they are. That’s where the SQF certification becomes crucial.

How It Works

SQF operates through continual retailer feedback. This means that they know when companies aren’t holding true to their word in terms of the quality and safety of their products being sold. The Food Marketing Institute administers this feedback to keep suppliers on their toes and up to par with certification standards. At Flex-Pack, we benefit from feedback and ongoing monitoring to help our clients know that they are getting the very best from us.

The more SQF certified companies we see on the market, the more streamlined the buying and selling process will become. If each branch of a retail chain – from manufacturing to packaging, to sales – is covered by the promise of high safety standards, there will be less time spent going over each aspect of a product before it hits the shelves.

How You Know We Are SQF Certified

Flex-Pack is SQF certified, and that means that we can share this information with our clients. Only certain companies are able to use the SQF logo as a representation of their compliance with the Safe Qualified Food Program. Those who are not certified may not falsely distribute the logo or use it on product packaging. By buying our flexible food packaging, you know that you are covered in reference to the Global Food Safety Initiative, which then carries forward in the next link in the marketing and consumer industry.

How Flex-Pack’s Certification Benefits You

Buying flexible packaging from Flex-Pack, as a certified company affiliated with SQF, means that you know that each of the products you receive will already meet regulations for food and safety. This is a benefit to you because your business won’t need to drop any money to perform excessive safety checks on the packaging of your products. It also gives you an edge over the competition, as the globally recognized SQF adds authority and integrity to your brand.


For more information on Flex-Pack and our affiliation with the Safe Qualified Food Program, we encourage you to browse our website or call today to speak to a professional member of our team.

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