Food Packaging and What Your Consumers Want to Know

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There are certain things that every consumer expects to see on product packaging, especially food packaging, and Flex-Pack can give you a brief rundown on some of the most important ones that are required – if not legally then at least by potential customers – if you want to make sure you are ticking every box.

The design of your food packaging goes further than appearance and functionality. While it is great if your packaging looks good, is easily accessible, easy to store in smaller spaces and can be reused or recycled, it also needs to be informative. By “informative”, we mean what goes into the product, along with simply what it is.

Environmental Labels

You might have read our blog entry on recycling and sustainable packaging, but it is not enough to simply provide packaging made of these materials to the public – you also need to let them know. Now more than ever, consumers conscious of their potential carbon footprint will judge a product based on how eco-friendly its packaging is. Letting your end-users or consumers know that you make the extra effort to use sustainable food packaging, and letting them know whether it can be recycled, has a big impact on your positive image.

A few years ago, just using the recycling logo was enough, but being green now goes much deeper than basic recycling practices, and many consumers are as on top of new developments in packaging sustainability as manufacturers like Flex-Pack. Before you put together your complete packaging design plan, think about what makes you, your company, your product and its packaging environmentally friendly, and tell your customers. Does the product and its packaging come from renewable sources? Is the product tested on animals? Can it be recycled? Did the production of it or its packaging involve practices designed to avoid deforestation? These are all things that many consumers will be on the lookout for when they browse your products.

Nutritional Information

With edible products, whether food for you or food for your pets, another dimension in informative labeling and design is added – nutritional information. Food packaging is required to carry certain specific information regarding the numbers of calories are in a product per serving, along with an extensive and accurate ingredients list and the standard Nutrition Facts label.

While these requirements are easy enough to fulfill (and all detailed on the Food and Drug Administration website), a greater challenge is to also emphasize how you, as a provider or manufacturer, take the health of your consumers into account. For snack food sellers, you will see a number of labeling trends now moving towards placing emphasis on how their product should be part of a balanced diet as well as offering more opportunities for sharing and portion control with things like resealable pouch packaging.

Even with more health-focused consumables, food packaging will still highlight the benefits of a balanced diet, because a smart manufacturer will know that the majority of consumers are now acutely aware of their health. Transparency in what is included in the product and even how the product is produced (whether it is organic, GMO-free or sustainably farmed), builds a valuable trust with your consumers.

Flex-Pack Food Packaging and Guidance

While what ultimately goes into the labeling of your product is up to you – as long as it meets the food packaging industry guidelines, of course – Flex-Pack can offer a wide variety of flexible, durable and sustainable options. Contact us today about how to package your products.

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