How Color Affects Your Packaging Design

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You may or may not want to rethink the colors on the packaging design of your products.

Did you know that color affects people differently, and it can even cause individuals to feel strong emotions or have a physical response? Understanding the way that humans view colors can greatly influence the design of your package and support the sales of your products.

At Flex-Pack, we offer unique packaging design options, including the ability to change the color and logo of your bag. For an idea of what each color could mean for your product, take a look at our guide below.

Red: Red can be used for a number of products to evoke a myriad of emotional and physical responses, from the bright, bold red of Coca Cola to the red background of KFC. In various marketing tests, researchers have found that red is one of the colors associated with food. It is also thought of as edgy, youthful, and exciting.

Orange: Another foodie color, orange, is thought to make consumers hungry, but it also stands for cheerful attitudes and friendliness, which may be why it represents brands such as Nickelodeon, Payless, and The Home Depot.

Yellow: The third food color is yellow. It is seen in the famous McDonald’s arches and on your morning Cheerios box. Yellow is also recognized in packaging design for feelings of optimism and warmth.

Green: Healthy, organic, and natural products tend to boast a packaging design with green, and it’s no surprise as to why. With the entire “save the planet” movement being labeled as the “green movement,” it makes sense that products packaged in green attract the health conscious.

Blue: The meaning behind blue depends entirely on the shade. While light blue can call on feelings of clarity, renewal, and calm, dark blue stands for strength and durability. Adidas, Volkswagen, and Dell all choose blue.

Purple: Regal, royal, opulent, and rich come to mind when consumers see purple. It’s the color of brands like Hallmark, FedEx, and Cadbury; and it brings a whole new meaning to the idea of brand loyalty.

Black and White: This century-old standard creates a sophisticated front with straightforward messages and clean lines. It makes consumers think about balance and tradition; it can actually be calming in a world of bright colors.

Packaging Design with Flex-Pack

The color you use in your packaging design should depend not only on what your company stands for but also on what product you are selling. Calming and inspirational colors are for new-aged products and fitness gear. Bright, earthy tones are meant for outdoor items and natural ingredients. Finally, black and white are for sophisticated, to-the-point products. All of these colors on your packaging design can change the way your customers see you.

For more information on packaging design and our Flex-Pack products, contact us today!

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