How Flexible Packaging Can Help Reduce Costs

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If you want to help save the environment and cut your costs, consider flexible packaging by Flex-Pack.

Are you looking for strategies to reduce costs and provide improved products and services for your customers? Business owners are continually looking to their product packaging companies to find ways to meet the challenges of product quality, sustainability, and cost reduction.

Economic Costs

New technology and materials have led the way for the development of flexible packaging. Flex-Pack’s flexible packaging uses fewer and lighter materials (high-density Polyethylene) that result in smaller deliverable products than traditional packaging. Since our products are smaller, they take less shipping space to transport. The superior materials give products a longer shelf life and again, the smaller sizes require less shelf space for the retailer. All of these improvements combine to reduce costs for food manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Given the scope of global food packaging, these savings are huge for the food industry.

Environmental Costs

You may only think of cost savings in terms of money saved by a company or manufacturer. Fortunately, Flex-Pack’s flexible packaging is also helping to reduce our environmental footprint. This is a huge savings for society and our planet.

Sadly, each year approximately one third of all food produced for human consumption goes to waste due to lack of resources and technology. Our flexible packaging can preserve product freshness and extend shelf life up to three times longer than goods not packaged.


Another consideration is a new concept known as Waste-to-energy (WTE). Although a fairly new idea in the United States, European and Asian countries have been working to make this a viable option instead of using the landfill to discard materials. There have been advances in incinerator technology, which have reduced harmful emissions. This creates the likelihood of companies to get on board with improved environmental processes.

WTE technologies will enable companies to turn waste into fuels and electricity. Waste materials can be repurposed into new products instead of going into the landfill. Newly generated energy can be sold back to the local grid, reducing energy costs to the local community.

Flexible Packaging, Good for Everyone

Committing to the use of flexible packaging in your business is a win-win-win for you, your customers, and the planet. Today’s consumers want to know how they can reduce their environmental footprint, and they also want to support companies that do so. Please call us, or visit our website today to find out more about how our sustainable and flexible packaging solutions can help you improve your business and make your products stand out from the competition.

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