How Stand-Up Pouches​ for Candy Result in Happier Consumers 

Stand-Up Pouches for Candy

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Package your candy in stand-up pouches for a more satisfied customer.

The age of flimsy plastic bags and costly hard-shelled packaging for candy is over. Instead, we at Flex-Pack are seeing a major boom in our stand-up pouches, especially for sweet treat companies. As a business, the way you package your product says a lot about your brand. Are you environmentally friendly? Do you have the consumer’s best interest at heart? How fresh will the product be after opening? These are all questions that the savvy shopper will ask. Take a look at some of the answers you can give them in regards to stand-up pouches.

The Stand-Up Design

You can’t discuss the benefits of this packaging, without going over the design. Stand-up pouches are aesthetically pleasing and very trendy for the current candy market. Customers enjoy visually stimulating products and they also enjoy having all of the information listed in a neat and easy to read manner, directly on the product. At Flex-Pack, our stand-up pouches come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be printed with your brand, logo, and any other information you wish to share with your customer.

Convenience on the Go

Another factor the smart consumer considers when deciding on a candy product is how convenient it is for them to carry. Families with small children and working men and women on the go enjoy candy that can be slipped easily into a purse or briefcase, or stored in the cupboards at home without spillage or spoilage.

Stand-up pouches offer all the convenience of a flexible bag, with the conventionality of a flat base. This means that whether your customer is setting the candy in the backseat of a car on a long road trip, at the bottom of a backpack for a hike, or in their purse for a fast work time snack, you have them covered.

Cost-Effective Packaging

Finally, consumers love paying less, just like you do. Stand-up pouches are a practical and cost-effective alternative to the hard-shelled designs that some manufacturers are turning to. While the hard shell might protect the candy from melting or squishing, it also costs more to produce. This means that consumers are paying for smaller portions of candy in a more durable container.


At Flex-Pack, our stand-up pouches provide more consumer-friendly, fresh candy for less. For more information on stand-up pouches and their benefits, contact us today!

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