If you want to be more environmentally conscious about your products, consider contacting Flex-Pack for your pet food packaging needs

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For many industries, reduced consumer spending shows that the effects of the recession are still being felt. Happily, the pet food industry has been doing well, and pet food sales continue on a steady incline.


Regarding the products themselves, premium pet food continues to be a hot topic for 2016. Pet food continues to branch out from its original dry form to all manners of fresh, raw, frozen, and freeze-dried products.

Manufacturers are adding more “super food” ingredients to their pet products. Fresh vegetables and seeds are being added to their formulas, along with increased marketing for allergen friendly foods, like grain-free foods.

Refrigerated and frozen pet foods continue to rise in sales, but they are more limited in their distribution options than dry products. According to PetFood Industry Magazine, 71% of stores were selling freeze-dried pet products a year ago. This continues to be an upward trend.

Pet Food Packaging

Interestingly, while pet food sales continue to rise, the use of flexible pet food packaging is skyrocketing. Recent reports project a global growth rate of 8% through 2020 in flexible food packaging products.

With the advent of flexible pet food packaging, Flex-Pack can provide optimum packaging options for you. The lightness of the packaging material results in a small, deliverable product, which reduces distribution costs. The superior materials protect your product from harmful elements and increase shelf life. This type of pet food packaging use lowers your business costs, while allowing you to deliver a quality product to your loyal customers.

Marketing Your Brand

Do you want your pet food packaging product to stand out above the others on the shelf? Companies that take great care in their packaging design will outperform their   competitors. Our in-house design team can work with you to create an attractive, eye-catching design that expresses your commitment to quality and sustainability. This will go a long way in attracting customers and gaining their loyalty.


The idea of sustainability continues to be key with today’s consumers. Pet owners continue to demand quality and want to support “green” companies that are creating and distributing ethically produced products with the smallest footprint possible.

If you are using Flex-Pack’s sustainable, flexible pet food packaging products for your pet foods and supplements, you are likely to get the support of these eco-friendly consumers. You will also attract investors who share the same philosophy regarding sustainability and protection of the environment.

Why Choose Flex-Pack

As a flexible product packaging company, Flex-Pack is committed to your success by providing quality pet food packaging for your product needs. Please call us, or visit our website today to find out more about how our flexible and sustainable packaging solutions can help you improve your business and make your products stand out from the competition.

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