If you’re looking for a reliable company for your next liquid packaging needs, consider investing in Flex-Pack

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Liquid packaging has come a long way since the years of glass bottles and tin cans. With the ability to store liquids safely and conveniently in flexible packaging, companies can give customers great products without overcharging or wasting valuable resources.

If you aren’t completely sold on the idea of flexible, liquid packaging, take a look at these 5 reasons why Flex-Pack is making a name for itself in the packaging industry.

1. Malleable Storage Prospects

Perhaps one of the number-one concerns of consumers when it comes to purchasing liquid packages is where they will fit; they also want to know how they will be stored. Bulky containers, heavy tin cans, and fragile glass bottles make it difficult to keep products in the pantry, and people typically want to keep them off of low shelves where children might not be able to reach them.

Fortunately, our flexible stand-up pouches make it simple to store your liquid products nearly anywhere in your home or business. With the ability to squeeze into small spaces or bend over other packages, this malleable feature is a hit among consumers.

2. Cost Reduction

At Flex-Pack, we are all about sustainability, which is why our pouches are created using 100% recyclable materials. Not only does that mean less waste for future generations to deal with, but it also makes our flexible liquid packaging less expensive than other standards of liquid storage. You can save space and money but still provide the same product to your valuable customers.

3. Lightweight Options

Clunky glass bottles and plastic tubs can add weight to an already heavy product. Let’s face it; liquids can be weighty, so having a lightweight option for packaging goes a long way with the customers who have to lug that stuff home with them. Our flexible liquid packaging is thinner than other packages, offering protection from damage without the fear of muscle strain.

4. Durable Convenience

Although our packages are thin, they still provide the same durability required to store liquids safely without the fear of spillage or leakage. From laundry detergent to sports drinks, our unique packaging design holds varying amounts of liquid with no fear of loss or damage.

5. Customization

Finally, one of the popular benefits of our flexible liquid packaging is our ability to customize your stand-up pouches to suit your brand and product. Whether you require a built in spout, or a unique shape, we can offer stylish options that don’t break the bank. Our packages are also available in a number of colors and prints with customizable logos and patterns for each item.For more information on our flexible liquid packaging and other packaging products available through Flex-Pack, contact us today!

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