Lawn and Garden Packaging

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Lawn and Garden Packaging

As a provider of lawn and garden products, you know much better than we do how important the lawns and garden on their property are to your target audience. Because of how significantly lawns and gardens contribute to the entire look of your target customers’ property, you know well that they are only willing to invest in the best products that their money can buy. And that’s why they turn to you. 


Lawn and Garden products are perishable and need extra protection

However, it will be next to impossible to ensure that your products maintain their high quality if the packaging that they come in is flimsy and threatens to compromise the quality of the contents within. This can be said about any category of products, but this is especially true for lawn and garden products because they are usually organic and thereby highly perishable. This means that they are much more susceptible to attack from harmful external contaminants that can greatly deteriorate the quality of the product and make it impossible for them to perform their desired functions. 

This is why it is never enough to package lawn and garden products in your run of the mill packages such as paper bags or plastic containers. These products need to be kept say from external substances that can cause them harm so that the integrity as well as the functionality of the products remains intact. Luckily for you, flex-pack has just the packing materials for your lawn and garden products, ranging from boxes, box pouches, to stand up pouches, and still some more, that can ensure that your organic products get packages in materials that provide several added layers of protection. By using our materials, you will be able to rest assured that your products reach your customers in the exact form that they were intended to. 


Lawn and Garden products come in many forms, so their packaging should be flexible as well

There is a wide array of products that are necessary for the upkeep and maintenance of lawns and gardens, and each of these materials comes in different shapes, forms, consistencies, and sizes. This means that there is no one universal way of packaging all lawn and garden products. Every different type of product requires different packaging, and that is exactly why at flex-pack, we ensure that you can find the exact packaging material that you require for your product. 

We are able to meet each of our clients’ unique demands because the packaging solutions we offer are not only made of the most exceptional quality of materials but can also be customized and personalized to take the exact shape, size, and design that you believe is optimal for carrying your lawn and garden products. 

Flex-pack packaging not only protects your products from contaminants, but also from the natural elements

As we mentioned above, you are well aware that your lawn and garden products by their very nature are vulnerable to rapidly depreciate in value if they are exposed to contact with harmful conditions from the outside. This does not only mean contaminants such as bacteria or mold attacking your products, but also encompasses the natural elements that can be detrimental for your products. For instance, high temperatures and humid climates can cause problems in the quality and performance of your fertilizers. Similarly, because the very function of mulch is to retain moisture, the mulch that is not in use and still inside the packaging needs to be kept a safe way away from moisture, or else, when it is finally time to tune the mulch, it will already have soaked up moisture and will not be able to perform its intended functionality.  

With the help of flex pack’s packaging solutions, you can benefit from the added layers of protection and barriers from these external elements that threaten to compromise the quality of your lawn and gardening products; which ultimately can lead to unsatisfied customers. And that is surely the last thing you want!

Industrial Uses

Soil packaging

Consumers who purchase soil often do it in large quantities, since it is one of the most preliminary steps of building or improving a garden. Soil is a lawn and gardening product that is usually a one time or less frequent purchase, as so the quantity in which it is sold is usually large. Therefore the soil packaging of your products should be such that it can hold large volumes of products and can be relied upon to not fall apart when the packages are being carried. In addition to this, the convenience of use with products that are bought in such large quantities is also an important consideration. For instance, if your consumer is a homeowner themselves, who is looking to build their lawn or garden or renovate it, you must ensure that the soil packaging that your product is sold in does not cause physical injury, by being easy to carry and extract contents from. 

This is made possible by flex pack’s intuitive box bags and stand up pouch packages that can be easily carried. These packaging solutions are also incredibly easy to pour the soil out of and your customer can rely on the packages to be durable and reliable in the long run.

Fertilizer packaging

Fertilizer is one of, if not the, most important products in the lawn and garden product categories. Essentially, fertilizers are the energy source and the fuel that is absolutely vital for the good health of plants and trees, and so it is impertinent that the quality and the integrity of the product remain intact within the fertilizer packaging. As mentioned above, the fertilizer not only needs to be kept safe from contaminants, but also from the natural elements. This protection of your product can be availed by using flex pack’s multilayered fertilizer packaging solutions.  

Seed packaging

Seeds are literally what make up the flora and fauna of the lawns and gardens themselves, so when you are making your decisions pertaining to seed packaging, you must take into consideration that your customer will reach for the seeds that have the most enticing packaging. The reason for this is because the average consumer does not have the most extensive knowledge about the plant world, and it falls onto you as the product provider to disseminate this information to them along with the product itself. This means that your seed packaging should not only contain pictures or illustrations of what the plant will grow to look like, but also contain some important information regarding the seeds themselves. This will help you stand out from the generic, run of the mill seed products.

This level of customization of your seed packaging cannot be provided well than we do at flex-pack. Because the materials we use to create our packaging solutions are so flexible, we can create seed packaging solutions for you that can carry the exact design elements that your product needs to stand out!

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