Lawn & Garden Product Packaging

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Check out our quality, efficient lawn & garden product packaging solution

Lawn and garden products often come in odd shapes and sizes, and items such as mulch, grass seed, stone, fertilizer, and other granular products can prove to be troublesome to package. At Flex-Pack we understand this and recognize the need for a durable and quality lawn and garden product packaging solution. Here we’ll detail our lawn and garden packaging, and discuss what our solution can do for you.

Our Lawn & Garden Product Packaging

Say you need to package grass seed, fertilizer, or something comparable. These products can be tough to package due to their granular nature. However, thanks to the improvements in our opening and closing capabilities, we’re able to provide you with a packaging solution that will efficiently retain your product. And it’s not just small packaging solutions we’re talking about – it’s big ones, too. With our company’s recently expanded capabilities to supply plastic-based large-format bags over 15 pounds, you can package as much or as little of your product as you want without sacrificing its quality.


In addition to that, our lawn and garden product packaging also offers superior barrier properties compared to traditional multi-wall paper bags – keeping your product fresher for longer. Want to make your fertilizer last through the winter? Get a lawn and garden packaging solution from us at Flex-Pack. Also available with flat bottoms, side gussets, handles, air vent valves, and more, our solutions are able to safely and conveniently store your product for however long you need it to.

Packaging Design

It’s not just the convenience and durability that this product packaging solution offers. We also provide custom packaging designs to meet our customers’ specific requests. Want a company logo, or maybe something that represents your company’s product? No problem. With superior graphics and a wide range of vivid colors and finishes, paired with our state-of-the-art technology and facilities, we’re able to be flexible in our process to accommodate your requests.

Industry Applications

  • Fertilizer
  • Grass Seed


As a flexible packaging manufacturer, we understand the need to be versatile in creating and supplying packaging solutions. By listening to our customers and analyzing their requests, we’re able to craft specialized packaging solutions to meet their needs. When it comes to our lawn and garden product packaging, it’s no different.


Continue to browse our website for more information on our lawn and garden product packaging, or any of the other solutions we provide. Have a question or want a quote? Contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you in any way we can!

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