Make Your Packaging Design Pop With the Small Details

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Smaller Packaging Design Innovations You Might Have Never Noticed

Minimalism has been taking over packaging design for the past few years. Once companies learned that they shouldn’t bog down their packaging with overstimulating information, customers responded. It’s for good reason too, minimalist packaging design done right stands out and looks great. Here’s the thing, though, you can’t simply just decide you want minimalist packaging design then assume it will turn out good. You need to pay close attention to the details to make sure your message gets across.

Back to Basics

When you give your product a minimalist packaging design, you’ll obviously be stripping it back to basics. Don’t give the customer any more information than they need. Just doing this won’t necessarily make your minimalist packaging good. You’ll need small details to set you apart. Pay attention to things like fonts. Do you want your product to evoke a sense of nostalgia? Consider using a font that calls back to older times. Do you want your product to evoke some sense of wonder or whimsy? Use a more playful font (NOT Comic Sans) to give it the childlike quality you’re looking for.Don’t forget details like

Don’t forget details like color either. Blues and greens are relaxing and soothing. Great colors for products such as bath beads or shampoos. Colors such as red are more eye-popping and emotional. Use more eye-drawing colors for products such as work-out supplements.

Secondary Use

Make your product packaging more than just packaging. Sustainability has taken the product packaging world by storm. Make your packaging biodegradable, for example. Eco-conscious consumers will gladly choose your product if it’s helping the environment. Some food products have even made it so their packaging is edible. This innovative packaging design will surely make you stand out from competitors.

Eye-Popping Effects

Don’t underestimate the power of eye-popping graphics and ornate design. You don’t have to go minimalist to stand out. Good packaging design will always stand out, as long as it’s legitimately good. If you include intricate or bold designs in your packaging, people will take notice. Just make sure it fits your brand.

Contact Flex-Pack for Your Packaging Design Needs

Flex-Pack specializes in product packaging and pouch packaging design. If you need fantastic packaging for your product, contact us today. We’ll work with you to create the perfect packaging to meet your company’s needs and branding goals. For more information, feel free to call us or view our website. We look forward to working with you and providing you with innovative packaging solutions.

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