Natural, Eco-friendly, Recycled Packaging

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As the world conscience is rapidly waking up to the imminent threat that is climate change and global warming, industries around the world, regardless of the size and nature, are gearing to become more and more environmentally friendly in their practices and operations. Many businesses today have made sustainability their main selling point. Consumers all over the world demand that companies and industries are held accountable for their carbon footprint and should any organization not abide, they will rapidly lose customers. 

The urgent need for eco-friendly business practices, as well as the increase in global demand for sustainability in business, is especially true for a lot of the clients that we work with at flex pack, such as you. Because a lot of our clients belong to the food industry and those that are related to it, there is more pressure than ever to incorporate sustainable practices into the manufacturing, but more importantly the packaging of their products. This is because most, if not all, consumers will throw away the packages once they have consumed the product that came packaged within, and more often than naught, this packaging ends up in landfills. To add on the issue, if the packaging is not green and biodegradable, it will stay in those landfills for months or even years, and keep adding to the problem of global warming. 


Your competitors are integrating green and sustainable packaging into their product design, and so should you!

Business nowadays is making it part of their business model and value proposition that their company, unlike others out there, is concerned about the environment and actively adopt practices that can reduce their carbon footprint. Such businesses in your industry are your direct competition, and so if you do not take the necessary measures to catch up to competitors who are adopting eco-friendly packaging, you will be left behind. 


The environment is not the only beneficiary; you can benefit from sustainability as well!

In addition to being great for the environment, sustainable packaging can also be helping you lower your costs of production and increase your profit margins. This is because recycled packaging provides you with a lightweight and more cost effective alternative to conventional packaging solutions, as well as making your products less expensive to be transported and hauled.


Flex Pack can help. Here’s how

Now that you understand why it is impertinent for you to incorporate sustainability into your business and product design, you can help our eco-friendly packaging solutions to be well on your way to reducing your carbon footprint and becoming green!


Natural packaging

The natural packaging solutions that we provide to you are made using biodegradable materials. What this means is that essentially, once the product within has been consumed and the natural packaging has been disposed of, the materials in the packaging will begin to react with the natural elements and the substances in the atmosphere, and will soon perish due to decomposition.

Recycled packaging

At Flex Pack, we also offer recycled packaging where we procure our own used packages and refashion them into clean and good to go cost effective and good for the environment packaging solutions.

Eco-friendly packaging

Most of the materials that go into our packages, both the cost-effective recycled packaging solutions as well as the conventional packaging solutions, are in line with our goal to use eco-friendly packaging films and pouches so that we can reduce our own carbon footprint as well, and contribute to the betterment of the world.

Recyclable packaging

Finally, we use a lot of the products we use are done so keeping in mind that the packaging that will be disposed of after the product has been consumed should not end up in landfills and add to the problem of global warming. Therefore, once used, our recyclable packaging solutions can be disposed of responsibly.

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go green sign for sustainable packaging

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