Packaging Design Patterns, Colors and More

Packaging Design Patterns, Colors, and More

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Shake Up Your Branding and Your Packaging Design

If you are looking into sustainable, flexible packaging from Flex-Pack, you may be looking to change up your current packaging design. If you are considering changing the way you package your products, you should also take the opportunity to optimize your image, looking at your branding and how your packaging represents your product.

If you have been selling or offering your product for a while, you will likely have noticed by now that packaging designs and branding trends are always evolving. While it can be almost impossible to predict or deliberately kick off a trend, capitalizing on it is easy if you pay attention. Here are some easy design ideas that are currently among the most popular.

Keep It Simple22

Simplicity and clarity are vital parts of good branding. Cluttered, overly-busy design is often ugly and unattractive. You might think that detail is eye-catching, and might well be, but often for the wrong reasons. Too many colors and minor details will make it hard to focus on any particular element, ultimately putting off prospective buyers.

Take the most important elements of your current packaging design or branding strategy and pair them down to the basics – take out anything unnecessary while keeping the most important elements, whether specific colors, a particular font or important information.

Patterns, Colors and More

It might sound counterintuitive to talk about using patterns in your packaging design right after advising simplicity – but you can still use patterns while keeping it basic. In fact, a memorable, repeated pattern can really make your brand easily recognizable as well as looking attractive. With your memorable patterns, add in some strong colors. Using the right color combinations can help to evoke a feel that suits your product – but be careful not to go overboard and end up making it ugly. The most important factor in using patterns is making them dynamic – pay careful attention to patterns that compliment either each other, the overall design and the color scheme.

Expressive Branding and Who You Are

Speaking of specifics – simplifying your overall design is also an effective way of establishing or reestablishing what your brand is about. Think about things such as logo and labeling placement, whether the design really stands out on its own, how the font looks and so on. Being colorful and eye-catching are not the only important parts of a brand design – you also need to think about how to capture what you, your company or your products are about. Any successful manufacturer of consumable products will have a consistent ethos, philosophy or design across a product line that captures a specific feel.

Flex-Pack and Packaging Design

These basic design ideas can go a long way, especially if you really think about what it is you want your branding to say, who your customer base is, and who you want to appeal to. Even just thinking about patterns and colors and the connotations they can have, there are endless options open to your brand. Also keep in mind that your brand will always need to change again further down the line. Flex-Pack can help you with your packaging design every step of the way, so contact us today.

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