Stand-Up Pouches​: The Cost-Effective and Trendy Packaging Solution


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Why you should be investing in stand-up pouches.

At Flex-Pack, we see a lot of packaging trends come and go, but there is one in particular that has been on an upward rise and only seems to be growing. Stand-up pouches have a unique design that provides consumers with all of the freshness of traditional packaging and the convenience of a flat bottom. They are perfect for storing in the cupboard, fridge, or the bottom of a purse or backpack.

Not only is the design aesthetically appealing and conventional, but it is also cost-effective when compared to alternative packaging options. In the past, hard-shelled containers and flat packets have been used to store candy, supplements, pet food, and various other products at a greater cost due to the quantity and thickness of plastic and other materials used. Stand-up pouches allow for minimal materials with maximum freshness.

Stand-Up pouch Growth

All of this information might come as a surprise, but you don’t have to take it from us. Recent financial reports from various packaging companies have shown that sales for stand-up pouches have grown over the past few years. In 2014 alone, the number rose to around 165 billion packages. While much of this bulk came out of the Asian market, the North American packaging industry is also seeing a boom in this style of pouch. In fact, the average growth rate for these packages in North America in 2014 was roughly 7.5%, with tens of billions being sold.

Getting On Board

If you have yet to try the stand-up pouch for your products, don’t worry, it isn’t too late to get in on the action. In fact, many companies are only now switching over to this trending packaging method, with a number of high-end brands bringing out new inventory in unique and stylish pouch packaging. As more and more merchandise hits the shelf in the pouch design, consumers will begin to look for it over other styles, especially if the rest of the package is as dynamic as the shape.

At Flex-Pack, our aim is to help each of our clients stay on target with their customers, and often this means following the market trends for product packaging. Whether it be an innovative design in terms of print or a very appealing stand-up pouch, we have your back when it comes to launching a new packaging campaign for your product.


For more information on our flexible packaging, or for questions about our stand-up pouches, call us today. Our helpful staff is always happy to help new and existing clients with all kinds of packaging needs.

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