Storytelling With Packaging Design

Storytelling with packaging design

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Communicate a message with your unique packaging design.

Your packaging design doesn’t just show your company logo, it also tells your customer a story. This can be as theoretical or literal as you would like it to be, whether it’s printing feel good quotes on your stand-up pouches or a comic book cartoon display on your pet food packaging, there are plenty of ways to make a statement.

How to Tell Your Story with Packaging Design

To communicate a story, you need to brainstorm for ideas about what you wish to portray to the customer with your packaging design. Are you a supplement company looking to spread messages of a happy, healthy life? Maybe you want the world to know that you have the freshest seafood from coast to coast. Perhaps, your story will have nothing to do with the product itself, and you just want to give consumers a laugh to attract a unique following all your own.

At Flex-Pack, we produce product packaging solutions in a number of sizes, styles, and colors, with a variety of customization options to suit each client’s needs. Simply tell us what you want on your bag or pouch and we can help you express your story in print.

Taking a Note from Chipotle’s “Cultivating Thought” Campaign

If you’re looking for a great example of packaging design to follow, look no further than Chipotle’s, “Cultivating Thought” campaign. With artistic sketches on drink cups and inspirational quotes on food bags, the company has provided its customers with more than a satisfying fast food option. They are also providing them with a little bit of humor and fun to enjoy with their purchase.

What Is Your Packaging Design Telling Customers?

Your packaging design can say a lot of things. It can tell your customers about the ingredients in your food, about the mission and motto of your brand, whether or not you’re environmentally conscious, or if your company has a sense of humor. It can also portray the safety, freshness, and contents of your product in an easy to understand manner.

Consumers love the visually stimulating, which is why creating a unique packaging design is such an important feature of a successful business. Here at Flex-Pack, we want to help you along in any way we can. From the moment you conceptualize your story, to the moment we print it on your package, we are here for you.


For more information on packaging design options or for questions about Flex-Pack and our products, contact us today!

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