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Side Gusset Bags

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As a pet food manufacturer, it’s easy to think that packaging only plays a minor role, compared to the product itself, when it comes to sales and public acceptance.

That can’t be further from the truth.

Good packaging does more than protect a product from the elements.

It is the first thing a potential customer sees, and it can be the main difference between sales and no sales. In fact, an unappealing design may be one of the reasons your sales are not picking up.

In this post, we will share some of the hottest trends in packaging so that;

  • Your products sell themselves
  • Your brand is given good representation on shelves and market stalls
  • You grow more loyal customers and
  • Ultimately increase sales for your product

Let’s dive in.


Stand Up Pouches (SUPs)

With or without zippers, stand up pouches have not only become the most trending pet treat packaging solution today but are also seen to dominate cosmetic shelves and human food shelves.

The driving force behind this preference is the unique ability of these pouches to stand up perfectly, offering an ultimate shelf appearance, and exposing your brand better than a flat sachet would.

Other than capturing shoppers’ attention better and faster, SUPs are relatively flexible enabling supermarkets to save more shelf space to display your other products.

At the bottom line, the weight and shape benefits just make life easier for consumers. Needless to say, as an add-on, leading brands integrate zippers with SUPs for easy access, heightened protection during transportation, and improved shelf life.


Pinch Bottom Bags (PBB)

The other day there was news about Starlinger, one of the top packaging firms, adding a new feature to the conventional PBB design (more on that later).

Today, almost every pet product brand out there has one or two commodities embodied by PBBs.

Here’s what it is.

A Pinch Bottom Bag, mostly made of paper, is a four-sided bag that is machine-sealed at the top.

This bag is an ideal package for a large-volume cat or dog food that is to be opened at once and transferred into another container by pet owners.

To make the design more consumer-friendly so no one needs a knife or scissors to access the content, the idea of strong woven BOPP laminated propylene tape fabric as inspired by Starlinger just kicked PBB into the future.


Quad Seal Bags (QSB)

Convenient storage and a great on-shelf presentation. That’s what quad bags are known for in warehouses and supermarkets.

Also called corner seal bags, quad seals bags are fundamentally any pet food packaging bag with four-corner seals and two gussets.

This design offers more storage space, maximized reinforcement against tear and breaks, and establishes an extended branding space on its four panels. On the side, the flatness of its bottom gives it the standing characteristic of a stand-up pouch.

Tesco, Naturea, McAdams, Harringtons, and Tilda, are among some of the popular pet brands who have tapped deeply into the following key features of Quad seal bags; freestanding format, clear graphic panels, heavyweight application and automatic filling, zipper/velcro/sliders options, and more value-added features.


Flat Bottom Bags (FBB)

Your brand is most likely to be avoided if you’re yet to switch from the conventional corrugated box or folding carton to the newest flat bottom bags designs which are the innovative alternatives.

Though this style is the most expensive so far provided that you go for quality material and cash in on the extra features, it provides a near-to-perfection face for high-quality branding whilst offering more than enough panels leftover to bear all the nutritional information to be passed across to your consumer on the spot.

Mind you, FBBs are best suited for smaller volume products between 2lbs to 25lbs.

But deciding on a design style may not be the end.

Choosing the right material is.


What Are The Best Material For Pet Food Packaging?

  • PET (Polyester)
  • PE (Polythene)
  • MET PET (Metalized Polyethylene)

Though those are the materials that come straight to the mind it is ideal to go multi-layer by mixing up two or three of these materials in one package.

This way, you get a more sustainable package. As a plus, soft-touch matte or just matte surfaces tactically and visually helps to set your brand apart.



Are you ready to join the trend to skyrocket sales? Assemblies Unlimited uses a one of a kind pet film for food packaging in the industry. Call our representative now to get a free quote.

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