Types of Films for Packaging

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On account of years of experience in the packaging solutions industry, we have been able to integrate all the best industry practices into our operations and we have grown our line of product offerings to incorporate many different types of materials used to manufacture our packaging solutions so that each one of our customers can find something that is the perfect fit for them and meets all their unique and specific requirements. 

As a result of this, we have created a collection of products that incorporate different types of films and roll stock to provide you product-specific qualities in our packages so that the exact needs of each individual product are met. 

The use of different materials allows us to offer a wide array of benefits to you

The films and materials that we used to create our packaging solutions help us maintain the high-quality standard of our products as well as abide by the regulatory measures that are prescribed by the government. 

In addition to this, using different types of materials in the design and build of our packaging solutions makes it possible for us to offer you a sound and robust packaging product at every price point so that every client, regardless of their budget or the size of the order, can benefit from our unparallel packaging solutions. 

Finally, the many different layers and types of films that we use in our packaging materials each serve a specific purpose of their own. Once incorporated into one product, they come together in their properties and provide you the most protective, safe, and attractive packaging solutions for your product that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the market!

High Barrier Film Laminations

High barrier film laminations are most commonly used and are an integral part of the food packaging industry. This is because ensuring that your food items retain their high quality is highly dependent on how efficient and effective the barrier film is in protecting your products from outside harms. One of the most important considerations that drive the need for high barrier film laminations is the oxygen transfer rate. This essentially refers to the amount of oxygen that can pass through the barrier film. For most foods, the implication of this is that the less the oxygen transfer rate of the packaging will be, the better protection the film lamination will provide to the food items contained within. 

Another important consideration that you must take into account if you are only using high barrier film lamination to package and protect your products is that that your product gets the necessary UV protection and odor prevention, etc.

Pouch Film Laminations

Lining our pouch packaging solutions such as box pouches, stand up pouches, spouted stand up pouches, and more, with pouch film laminations allows us to add that extra layer of security that allows our clients to rest assured that their products that will be contained within our packaging solutions will have the utmost amount of barriers to protect them from harm. Because more of our pouches from our product line is used for products from the food or other consumer products industries, we line our pouches with film to decrease the oxygen transfer rate and position an impermeable wall that lets little to no contaminants through the barrier of the packaging.

Solventless Lamination

Essentially, the method of solventless lamination entails the use of no solvents for the purpose of using it as an adhesive to laminate the film onto the product or the packaging solutions. When we make use of solventless lamination, it involves laminating with two or more substrates. These substrates then react during the process of solventless lamination, and due to the omission of any solvents to adhere to the film; the need for drying components is also eliminated. The result of this process is the production of a laminated web that is ultimately rewound into a complete roll of stock or film.

One of the biggest benefits of using solventless lamination is that it goes a long way in lowering the weight of the coating. Additionally, the price of this type of film lamination is also lower as compared to some of the others because they run on low energy and are not very cost intensive. 

Custom Engineered Laminations

Keeping in line with our highly revered and unique value offering of customized packaging solutions for your products, we do not limit you to a menu of products that you have to choose from. Instead, we can create custom engineered laminations that are personalized to your exact specifications and will meet all your requirements to a T.

Adhesive Laminating & Coating

The state of the art adhesive laminating and coating machinery that we use at flex pack can equip you with some of the top adhesive laminating and coating solutions on the market.

By using top of the line tech and best industry practice, our adhesive laminating and coating machinery can provide packaging solutions with top notch application and an unparalleled level of drying capabilities that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Extrusion Laminating & Coating

At flex pack, our expertise in extrusion enables us to offer you a plethora of industry leading film laminations in packaging, such as hybrid packaging film frameworks that employ extrusion as well as adhesive laminations. 

Our top of the line extrusion laminating and coating system offers you unparalleled versatility in substrates, which can easily be bonded. In addition to this, our intuitive system gives us the ability to provide you with flexible packaging solutions that will be able to withstand aggressive content.

Flexographic Printing

To ensure that the packaging solutions that we offer reflect your brand as well as the high quality of your products, the film we offer can be customized and personalized to your exact specification. To be able to achieve this, we use a high-fidelity 10-color flexographic printing system. 

Our offerings include a range of inks, including solvent-based inks and water-based inks. In addition to this, you can benefit from flexographic printing using 10-color impressions, Reverse and surface printing, plate mounting, rotogravure coating, bar code printing, custom color matching, watermarking and so much more!

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Flex-Pack Factory

Types of Films for Packaging

On account of years of experience in the packaging solutions industry, we have been able to integrate all the best industry practices into our operations

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