Why Flexible Packaging is Important for Today’s Market

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With lots of options, Flex-Pack’s flexible packaging may be a great choice for you.

With an average annual increase rate of 3%, flexible packaging has been slowly taking over the market; it’s replacing traditional packaging types such as jars, cans, and boxes. The greatest factor is the consumer preference for convenience. The ease of use and the lightweight quality of flexible packaging is converting consumers left and right; in turn, it makes more companies turn to flexible packaging for their products. A close second when it comes to reasons consumers prefer flexible packaging is the sustainability. As more and more people view products and processes through “green” lenses, it becomes crucial for businesses to care about the environment. A higher carbon footprint can sometimes mean consumers will go with another brand.

Stand-up Pouches

Because of good branding and customer convenience, stand-up pouches are among the more popular flexible packaging styles. As a result, stand-up pouches are estimated to contribute the most to the total U.S. flexible packaging market between now and 2021, per ReportLinker.

High Demand for Flexible Packaging

The rise of this product is projected as a result of the increasing demand from various end-user industries such as food and beverages, healthcare, beauty/cosmetics, household products, and others.

There are many reasons, besides consumer convenience, that manufacturers in today’s market are switching to flexible packaging for their products:

  • Less waste
  • Lower consumption of raw materials
  • Requirement of less storage space
  • Ease of transportation
  • Excellent barrier properties

Brand Design on Packaging

With rigid packaging, you pay extra for labels, which often come from a different supplier than the packaging itself. Flexible packaging generally includes printing while only marginally increasing the price; it also opens up a wide range of design options and the ability to change if necessary.


A huge advantage flexible packaging has over rigid packaging is the ability to perfect barriers to suit any individual product’s needs. Wines, juices, and milk require a barrier that won’t allow oxygen through to preserve freshness and increase shelf life. However, bottles made from PET, glass, or multi-layer paperboard laminates provide a barrier for all products whether or not it is required.

A flexible package can be created with barrier properties suitable for the specific needs of different products. For example, flexible packaging can come with barriers that shield from moisture or aroma, like a glass bottle would. Aluminum foil has been widely used as the ultimate flexible barrier material, but its properties can be compromised which affects the contents. Recent flexible packaging developments (i.e. stand-up pouches) combat this issue. Foil can fracture when creased, causing pinholes which allow oxygen water and light to enter. New, flexible materials have been developed as a replacement that is tough, even in thin layers and doesn’t share those same vulnerabilities.

Packaging Style Variation

Packaging made from flexible plastic films allows room for creativity. Flex-Pack offers stand-up pouches, flat pouches, side-gusset bags, and customizable shapes and contours to ensure packaging that best suits the product and brand. The additional choices in features such as spouts, resealable zippers, and easy-tear options make it stress-free to cater to the requirements of your products and the needs of your consumers.

Size Variation

No matter what shape, design, or features you choose, several sizes are available for efficient housing of your product, whether it’s a household cleaner or an industrial chemical.There are endless advantages to choosing flexible packaging. Flex-Pack wants to help you explore your options so that your brand can reap the benefits.

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