Why Kellogg’s Made the Switch to Pouch Packaging

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If you want to cut costs and make money without losing the aesthetics of your product packaging, consider Flex-Pack’s Pouch Packaging.

Pouch packaging might be a relatively new concept, but it should come as no surprise that even the biggest name in the cereal industry has made the switch. Kellogg’s, a cereal brand known for the “snap, crackle, pop” of Rice Crispies and the colorful crunch of Fruit Loops, has taken the plunge and rolled out their latest line of cereal in single-serve units utilizing pouch packaging.

The reasons behind the change are many. They include Kellogg’s suggesting that the easy, grab-and-go pouches make a convenient snack, and they consider it the reinvention of a brand that was getting stale, so to speak.

Cutting Costs and Making Money

One of the prime motivators for any company to make a big change, such as the one taken on by Kellogg’s is money. Flexible pouch packaging offers the ability to cut costs as well as earn more for less amount of product. In the past, a box of 12.2 oz. of Corn Pops would bring in roughly $4.29. The new packages totaling in at 5.36 oz will cost customers around $3.89.

Convenience and Aesthetics

With the above figures suggesting that consumers will be paying more for less, why are these pouches thought to be a popular option for these big companies? It’s simple. Consumers love convenience, and shoppers are drawn to unique and aesthetically pleasing forms of packaging. From candy to laundry detergent, new packaging prospects can be seen in everything, and it’s easy to see why: there’s a market for it.

These small pouches make it simple for parents to pack cereal in a school lunch bag or in a briefcase before hopping out the door to work. They supply nutritional information and freshness without the need to lug around an entire full-sized box. Pouch packaging is malleable, making it an easy fit into just about any bag.

Pouch Packaging: Changing the Market

The new, smaller pouch packaging certainly offers a variety of convenient and attractive reasons to buy, but it also changes the product entirely from a breakfast cereal into a snack food. If there’s one thing the American population can’t get enough of, it’s snack foods; and Kellogg’s has just put cereal back on the menu.

These changes from Kellogg’s, a cereal giant, may work to inspire other brands to do the same, which could potentially remarket previously popular products and breathe new life into them. With Flex-Pack, companies can include unique design options and individual branding while still capturing a new market.For more information on Flex-Pack and our many pouch-packaging products, we invite you to contact us today!

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