Why You Should Be Packaging Your Coffee with Stand-Up Pouches

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If you’re tired of using too much material to package your coffee, consider investing in Flex-Pack’s stand-up pouches.

Are you looking for a way to make your coffee products stand out above the others?  Consider Flex-Pack’s stand-up pouches, the latest trend in flexible, sustainable, pouch packaging.

Today, it seems like everyone is a coffee connoisseur. That role can cause a demand for great taste, freshness, and convenience. Packaging is becoming an essential component of marketing in the java world.

Our Stand-Up Pouches Offer Protection

Coffee companies are continually moving away from rigid metal or plastic containers to more flexible packaging options, such as stand-up pouches. Our sturdy, stand-up pouches provide protection against elements such as moisture, odors, UV lighting, oxygen and other forms of contamination. These protections result in an extended shelf life for your product. Flex-Pack’s in-house design team can help you create your very own brand design for the packaging that will shout out from the grocery shelf to your customers.

Make Your Product Stand Out

As a marketing side note, research shows that packaging with images showing action are perceived as more fresh and exciting than those with stagnant images. So, show your product in action on your stand-up pouches!

Consumers are moving away from the big-box stores to smaller, local businesses. You might consider a design where you can insert into the packaging your business card and specific information to the coffee being purchased. Gaining your customers’ trust and devotion can be accomplished with these personalized touches. This unique approach shows that you care about their buying preferences and want them to be as well informed as possible in their purchases.

Other Advantages to Stand-Up Pouches

When making your purchasing decisions, note that stand-up pouches containing a valve will hold more coffee beans than a standard fold-over bag. In addition, flat-bottom bags will display your company logo/brand similarly to that of traditional box-type packaging.

In a nutshell, Flex-Pack’s stand-up pouches combine aesthetics, functionality, and convenience at no extra cost to your customer. Environmental benefits such as lighter weight packaging combined with the greater protections of your product make it a “no brainer” to switch from your old style of packaging.

Flex-Pack at Your Service

Please call us or visit our website today to find out more about our stand-up pouches. We know that you have your hands full managing your coffee business. Our professional team can help you with considerations such as type of material, shape, design, and function so that your custom coffee bags are marketing your product the way it deserves to be marketed.

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