Flexible Stand-Up Pouches

Stand-up pouches are made up of layers of film that are scientifically designed to be durable, tear-proof, and flexible in shape.

Flexibility, when it comes to packaging, refers to both the structural and utilitarian aspects of the package design. And no better packaging system encompasses both these features than Stand-up Pouches.

Stand-up pouches are made up of layers of film that are scientifically designed to be durable, tear-proof, and flexible in shape. At Flex Pack, to cater to the varying needs of each client, we offer customized and cost-effective solutions.

Industry Uses for stand-up pouches

We offer a variety of different sizes and styles to suit your product and we are more than happy to create custom stand-up pouches for you. Here are some of the ways our stand up pouches are being used today:

Food/candy/snack packaging

One of the biggest concerns of food packaging companies when it comes to choosing the right packaging for their product is the impact the packages will have on the quality and the shelf life of the food item. That’s why more and more food packaging companies are now opting to use the standup pouch because not only does it provide a highly flexible design, its scientifically formulated components can drastically increase the shelf life of the product; ensure that the product remains fresh for a long time and no contaminant permeates through the barrier.
In addition to this, it is no secret to any food producer that the more attractive and eye-catching the packaging of an item is, the higher the chances that the customer will make a purchase. Think about it, your customer might be in the grocery store shopping for produce, when at the counter, the cutest-looking pouch of candy-hearts catches their eye. Because they are already at the counter paying for other items they’ve bought, they will rationalize the decision and buy the candies. That’s what consumer behavior dictates; it’s all in the visual appeal of the product. Therefore, the customization of stand-up pouches that we offer to our clients, personalizing the colors, graphics, illustrations, and more to match your brand identity, can go a long way in compelling your customers to go through with the purchase decision.

Personal care items

Producers of personal care items, such as hygiene products and toiletries, are shifting towards the use of stand-up pouches from the generic plastic bottles, jars, or wrappings for a number of reasons. The first of these is the protection that the barriers in standup pouches provide to the product within them. It’s safe to assume that if the product being packaged is a personal care item, it is highly likely that the product will be used on your customers’ person. These items often contain chemical constituents that can react poorly with the air, and so need to be packaged in a way to minimize the chances of that occurring. The last thing you want is your product to go bad in its packaging and cause physical harm to your customer.
Additionally, the importance of the aesthetic appeal of the product cannot be overlooked when it comes to personal care items. Most consumers who purchase these items are purchasing them for the recently trending practice of “self-care” and the emotions and feelings the packaging of these items evoke in consumers contribute significantly to their experience. We can customize your personal care item packaging for you to be calming and easy on the eyes, or to be vibrant and funky, or whatever best suits your brand personality so as to make your products just that much more attractive to your customers.


Spices are a staple in almost every home; we simply cannot live and enjoy our food without our favorite spices. To make the experience of the use of spices as convenient as possible, producers are now using the standup pouch for its flexible design. Realistically, no one has just one spice in their kitchens; when people buy spices, they buy them in combinations. The flexible design of standup pouches makes is much easier for the spices to be stored since the packaging can mold to fit the tiniest of places without taking up too much room.
Another plus of using a standup pouch is that it is a zippered pouch that greatly reduces the likelihood of spilling the spice, which, if happens, can be extremely painful, especially if the spiced are inhaled or they come into contact with the eyes. The standup pouch negates the possibility of this occurrence.
In addition to this, because spices themselves naturally exist in so many vibrant colors, it is only fitting for them to be packaged in containers that match that beauty. We can customize your standup pouches in vibrant colors brandishing your name and logo to make your product stand out in the spices aisle in any store. The more eye-catching the packaging is, the higher the chances the customer will reach for your product.

Frozen food packaging

A standup pouch is a great option for packaging frozen food because it complements the very nature of the product. The frozen food items are sold so so that they can remain edible for longer than fresh food items would. That is why it makes the utmost sense to use stand up pouches as protection from outside contaminants and increasing the shelf life of a product are some of the most unique and sought-after features of the standup pouch. Because of its scientifically formulated film, the standup pouch provides a barrier between the packaged product and outside substances that can adversely affect the quality of the product.

In addition to this, standup pouches are also incredibly cost-effective. For instance, if you decided to opt for rigid box packaging, the costs per unit of doing so will be three to six times higher than in the case of flexible standup pouch packaging. Since customization is another selling point of the standup pouch, the opposite of it where you get cartons and boxes customized will also cost you about twice as much as the pouches.

The design of standup pouches cannot only save you money, but it can even help in generating more sales revenues as your customers will be attracted to the colorful and exquisite looking personalized packages that you contain your products in.


Seafood packaging

From the time the seafood is caught, the clock of its freshness going away starts ticking. By the time the seafood reaches the freezers of stores and supermarkets, a good portion of the freshness is lost. However, this can be easily avoided if producers opt for the use of flexible standup pouch packaging. The reason for this is because the moment the product enters the standup pouch and is sealed in there, the package essentially becomes a time capsule; since no contaminant or natural reactants can permeate the barrier of the zippered pouches, it is as if time stops and the seafood stays as fresh as it was when it first left the water.

Not only does the standup pouch stop the food from being tainted, but it can also drastically increase the time the seafood can be kept in the freezer, whether it’s at the store or at your customers’ homes. Regardless of when the package is opened within the specified time period, the product will come as fresh as ever!

Toy packaging

Using flexible packaging options such as standup pouches is fairly new, but a genius move nonetheless. In the case of toy packaging, the ease of customization of the standup pouches comes into full play. When packaging toys, you must remember that you are not only advertising your packaging to the parents who will be the actual buyer but more so the children who will be the real consumers of your product. The best way to catch a child’s eye is by using fun illustrations, funky, loud and vibrant colors, and graphics that will leave the little ones in awe. We can personalize your products to make sure your brand name and logo are the focal points to help you position yourself right while still retaining the fun and dynamic design of the packaging.


Air fresheners

Air fresheners are products that must be portable by their very nature, and so using the flexible qualities of the standup pouch make this incredibly convenient. A standup pouch can easily fit anywhere, where is the cubby of your car, your bag, a cabinet in your bathroom, or the mantelpiece in your living room. Its design makes it easy to pop out on the go and freshen up the entire atmosphere of your space.


Hardware packaging

The flexible packaging capabilities of the standup pouch make it a great contender for packaging hardware and tools. The reason why this is true is, thanks to the layers of strong film that the standup pouch is composed of, the oxygen in the atmosphere cannot react with the metals in the tools and hardware and cause rust.
In addition to this, the flexible structure of the standup pouch makes it so that the packaging can fit and mold to any oddly-shaped object that is contained within, making the handling and moving of the hardware as convenient as possible.

Dishwasher detergent packaging

The use of flexible packaging has become quite widespread in the world of chemical packaging. This is because the flexible packaging is much more convenient than boxes and plastic containers to move around and be handled. Similarly, in the case of detergents such as dishwashing agents, it makes a lot of sense to use standup pouches.

Most producers of dishwashing detergents manufacture their products in a liquid form. Because of their robust structure, standup pouches can ensure that the product does not topple over and spill if the consumer accidentally elbows it and knocks it down. Moreover, the standup pouches are incredibly light, making the continuous lifting and pouring of the dishwashing detergent extremely convenient.
We offer the ability to our clients to customize the design of their standup pouches to their requirements. Customizing your packages with your brand colors, name, logo, etc, can be a great way of positioning yourself in the minds of your consumers.

Supplement packaging

As consumers across industries become more and more conscious about their health and fitness, people turn to nutritional supplements for the nutrients that they do not get from GMO and inorganic food items. The sales of supplement packages are ever on the rise, and to help your stand out from all the competition out there in the market, a great option for you is to use the standup pouch. While most supplement producers are stuck packaging their products in primitive jars of cheap plastic, you can stand out by availing the many benefits of using flexible packaging.
Firstly, standup pouches are incredibly convenient to store, on account of their size and flexibility; and they are easy to travel with, which makes it possible for them to be taken to the gym, to the office, etc, for your customers.

Additionally, supplements have chemical components that can come into contact with substances in the atmosphere and react harshly. This can result in physical harm to your customers if ingested. With the use of standup pouches however, the possibility of this happening is next to none. Standup pouches provide a barrier that does not allow any outside substances in once the package is sealed and provides full protection to the product within.

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