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A Box Pouch is a versatile and sustainable packaging solution that comes in with a perfectly flat bottom. Commonly used in the pet food packaging industry, Box Pouches are used to package anything from treats, supplements, snacks and more. They are the most efficient packaging format because they hold the most product per square inch of package and sit shoulder-to-shoulder on the shelf with no loss of shelf space.

While the Box Pouch is commonly used for pet food packaging, the support and stability that the package offers makes it a reliable packaging design for whatever you choose to fill it with. Often lined with barrier films, the pouch also ensures that the product stays fresh throughout its lifespan with an air tight seal.

But it’s not just what the Box Pouch offers on the inside that makes it a great packaging design – it’s what it brags stylistically as well. With the ability to customize its exterior, this pouch packaging solution looks great on a shelf or in a store. Want to add a company logo? No problem. How about additional company information or a personal touch? Sure. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with superior graphics.

Additionally, we offer this flexible packaging option in a number of different sizes and shapes. If you want custom specifications, we are happy and willing to do that too. With additional customizable features offered – such as re-closable zippers, handles, and more – our Box Pouch will meet any wants or desires you have for your brand.

Industry Uses For Box Pouches

  • Pet Food and Treats
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Chemicals
  • Cookies and Candy

With more than 75 years of management experience in the flexible packaging industry, Flex-Pack has become a leader in the product packaging industry. With our state-of-the-art equipment and a talented group of professionals, we are able to provide you with the exact packaging design you are looking for. Contact us today or continue to browse our website for more information on Box Pouches. If you have any questions pertaining to our products or want a quote, give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.
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Companies Who Love Our Box Pouches

  • TrueRx – Minties
  • Fresh Choice Complete
  • Therametric Technologies
  • Maximum Human Performance
  • Equine Health Sciences

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