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What is Roll Stock Packaging?

Manufacturing companies and those in the food processing industries need packaging they can trust and that meet all government regulations. Sturdy materials matter more than almost anything else although ease-of-use, efficiency, and affordability also rank high on the list. Roll stock packaging consists of laminated film in one long, continuous sheet with a sturdy central cardboard core suitable for your equipment.


The highly usable structure of roll stock packaging makes it a wise choice for all types of automated machine use. All you need to do is clamp on the cardboard tube, feed the film into the production or packaging line, and see how simple professional quality packaging can be. Roll stock offers versatility when it comes to a wide variety of product or food types. It provides full coverage with airtight and moisture-tight seals. You can have it easily printed with text and graphics for your brand, ingredients, and more required labelling details. The base roll materials come in a variety of colors and thicknesses to suit your needs perfectly.



Due to its nearly universal functionality, variety of roll stock packaging offered at Flex-Pack allows for seamless use with a wide variety of filling and sealing machinery.

What Is Roll Stock Packaging Used For?

Not only is this affordable packaging material easy to hook up to your existing equipment, it also provides a perfect solution for a variety of merchandise. It is specifically useful in the food processing and packaging industry. Anyone who has ever gone to a grocery store has seen many products like potato chips, frozen meats and vegetables, bagged candy, coffee, cat food, and more in roll stock packaging. 


To explore many of the options, check out the packaging gallery. Flex-Pack’s list of satisfied business customers has used our highest quality roll stock without worries or production interruption for a long time.


Roll Stock

The food packaging industry has existed for centuries. Although high-speed machinery and laminated packaging has not existed for all that time, the popularity of flexible packaging has grown in the last few decades. It is more popular than ever before now that so many consumers are interested in minimizing packaging waste that they have to throw away.

Roll stock packaging provides a sturdy alternative to boxes and blister packs that end up negatively affecting the environment more than necessary. When it comes to the creation of pouches or bags for different loose foods, this engineered film on a cardboard roll fits the bill perfectly. Together, the benefits all point to increasing popularity and profitability in the future.


Besides food, various types of roll stock packaging have been used for medical supplies, some toys and collectible cards, printer ink cartridges, and other products that do not need stiff packaging for protection. When it comes to Flex-Pack products, special use flexible packaging is available in roll stock inventory.


Primary Reasons to Choose Roll Stock Packaging


Ease of use is one of the most important criteria for any type of manufacturing or packaging plant use. You need film on a sturdy core that fits your existing machinery perfectly. No one wants to retrofit an entire plant line to suit an unusual packaging material with odd dimensions or specific heat or pressure needs. Since these rolls are so simple to use, it also takes less time and labor to get everything up and running. This is especially important as packaging plants are increasingly automated and any delay in the process can cause considerable problems.


Besides usability, efficiency and cost matter, too. Roll stock film represents a much smaller investment than other packaging types without compromising function or style. The multiple colors and opportunity to print whatever is needed for the product inside makes it highly economic for mass packaging needs. When the plant produces hundreds or thousands of products every single day, the last thing to worry about is the high cost of the packaging material. With this laminated film, the affordable per-unit cost leads to increased chance of profit down the road.


In the end, roll stock packaging delivers quality and a professional look and feel without wasted material, time, or money. This type of material has been used to wrap everything from frozen fish sticks to candy bars to gourmet coffee grounds throughout the history of the food packaging industries. Today’s roll stock products exceed expectations across the board.


At Flex-Pack, you only find the highest quality packaging materials delivered exactly how you need them for your consumer-focused products. We have satisfied corporate customers in many industries since 1999. Our story starts with the mission to provide only the best on the market today and ends with your complete satisfaction in whatever type of flexible packaging or custom bags you need to operate your business successfully.




Companies Who Love Our Roll Stock

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Flex-Pack is a privately held company that has built its reputation on high quality and service. We’ve been able to achieve this by listening to our customers, analyzing their requirements and crafting specialized packaging solutions to meet their needs. If you have questions in regards to roll stock packaging or any other food packaging or flexible product packaging solution, contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!

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