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Side Gusset Bags Are Quickly Gaining Popularity Within The Food Packaging Industry

The recent, as well as the current trends in the packaging solutions and similar industries all, seem to point to the fact that side gusset pouches are rapidly gaining popularity and are taking over many of the old and traditional ways of packaging different types of products. There are many benefits of the side gusset pouch that make it a great candidate for packaging a whole variety of different types and categories of the consumer as well as industrial products.

Side Gusset Bags

Why side gusset pouches are all the rage in the packaging solutions industry

There are a number of factors that can be attributed to the popularity of side gusset pouches; let us take a look at a handful of these reasons.

To begin with, side gusset pouches combine some of the most intuitive features of its packaging predecessors. They provide the durability of the box pouch and the ease of use and stable structure of the standup pouches. These attributes of the two packaging solutions are great selling points for them alone, and these features combined in the side gusset pouch make it an absolute game-changer.

In addition to this, not only are side gusset pouches are also liked by consumers because of their aesthetic appeal, but consumers also prefer side gusset pouches due to the fact that they come with added layers of protective barriers that maintain the quality and the integrity of the product that you package within.

These factors, along with many others, make the side gusset pouch an excellent choice of packaging solutions across many different industries.

Industry Uses For Side Gusset Bags

Side Gusset Bags are widely known and preferred for their attractive shelf presence and flexibility. Whether you chose to present your product bag horizontally or vertically, here are a few ways our customers use this flexible packaging product:

  • Large pet food bags
  • Cat litter packaging
  • Pet bedding
  • Coffee packaging
  • Tea packaging
  • Packaging for baked goods
  • Hardware product packaging
  • Soil and gardening products
  • Industrial Chemicals

Large pet food bags

Side gusset pouches make for a great containing solution for large pet food bags. This is because it is important for the health of your customers’ beloved pets that their food is kept a safe way away from anything that may harm the food such as contaminants. What this means is that you should ensure that your pet food is packed in bags that prevent harmful substances from the atmosphere to react with and deteriorate the quality of the foodstuffs within. If the quality of the pet food is compromised, it could result in serious health issues for pets, which will certainly not make your customers too happy with you.

In addition to this, side gusset bags make durable and easily usable large pet food bags on account of easy they are to store sturdy their structure is. This means if your customers’ furry little friends do find a way to get to their treat bags, which they often do, it will be next to impossible for them to get to the content of the pet food bag or cause spillage. This feature alone could get your raving reviews from happy customers.


Cat litter packaging

Cat litter is another product that can be protected and packaged really well inside gusset pouches. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, the texture and the form of the cat litter means that it needs a sound and stable packaging to contain and store it. In addition to this, the way that side gusset pouches are built makes it so that the seal prevents the pet to get into the product and spills it all over the house in every direction. Cat litter packaging in the form of side gusset pouches also makes it easy to stow away in the back until the next time they are needed. Last but not least, the protective barriers of the side gusset pouches allow the cat litter packaging to retain its properties of absorbing moisture and odors.
Pet bedding

One of the most important attributes that are important for pet bedding to retain is the quality of the materials used for the bedding. Because this is what makes up the place where pets go to sleep and rest, it is extremely important that nothing in the atmosphere and surroundings of the pet bedding package deteriorate its quality so that your product fails to provide the level of quality desired. The side gusset pouches you will find at flex pack provide just the right amount of protection for pet bedding products so that their integrity stays intact and they are easy to store and use.


Coffee packaging

Any avid lover and consumer of coffee will tell you that there is a lot more to storing and making coffee than just mixing the coffee grains with boiling hot water. Traditionally, coffee grounds and grains used to come packaged in tins or cardboard boxes, which were later on replaced by glass jars. However, producers and consumers alike are starting to catch on that these coffee packaging materials don’t actually contribute in any way shape, or form to protecting the product within. These traditional ways of packaging let moisture through, which can result in the growth of mold within the product, thereby rendering it unusable. With the help of flex pack’s side gusset pouches, however, you can make sure that your intuitive coffee packaging will prevent moisture from finding its way into the container and your coffee grounds will remain dry for longer, increasing the longevity and the usability of the product.


Tea packaging

Just like in the case of coffee packaging, tea packaging also requires packaging solutions that will keep it from coming into contact with moisture and deteriorating its quality, and from becoming contaminated. And also just like coffee packaging, there is no better way to package your product than using flex pack’s side gusset pouches.


Packaging for baked goods

The main goal as a vendor for baked goods that you have is to ensure that the products retain their freshness and the fee that they have freshly been taken out of the oven. The best option that you should consider when deciding on the packaging for baked goods is side gusset pouches. This is because not only do they prevent your baked goods from becoming contaminated by letting harmful elements from the outside to permeate through the layered barriers, but they also prolong the shelf life of your product. Additionally, side gusset pouches as packaging for baked goods can easily be customized at flex pack so that you can incorporate designs that will catch your customers’ eye in the store and compel them to make the purchase.


Hardware product packaging

Side gusset pouches are also great for hardware product packaging because the way they are designed and their structure allows them to have a lot of room to carry solid hardware products such as bolts and nuts, screws, discs, etc.

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