Side Gusset Pouch

Side Gusset Bags Are Quickly Gaining Popularity Within The Food Packaging Industry

especially when it comes to the packaging of coffees and teas. But this adaptable packaging design is also a popular choice for pet care products like food, treats, chemicals and dietary supplements, among other things. With flexible options and a number of design options, this kind of flexible packaging offers a number of benefits.

Side Gusset Bags

Not only are Side Gusset Bags visually attractive, but they also protect the quality of your product with strong protective barriers that are specifically designed with your application and product needs in mind. Flex-Pack can provide you with aroma barriers for products like coffee and tea to keep tea leaves and coffee grounds smelling fantastic. We can also provide strong moisture barriers to keep dried fruits and powders from being compromised.

A number of consumer-friendly features also make Side Gusset Bags a popular choice, including vent holes, handles and corner tack seals for easier sealing after the bag’s initial opening.

Flex-Pack offers Side Gusset Bags as a replacement for 16.5 lb. to 33 lb. Multi-Wall Bags and a variety of colors are also available. Our wide range of options gives you the opportunity to choose the size and style the best suits your product varieties. We also provide our customers with a number of ways to customize Side Gusset Bags including custom label printing, a registered matte finish or metallic finish and a number of packaging formats to meet the needs of your specific industry.

Industry Uses For Side Gusset Bags

Side Gusset Bags are widely known and preferred for their attractive shelf presence and flexibility. Whether you chose to present your product bag horizontally or vertically, here are a few ways our customers use this flexible packaging product:

  • Large pet food bags
  • Cat litter packaging
  • Pet bedding
  • Coffee packaging
  • Tea packaging
  • Packaging for baked goods
  • Hardware product packaging
  • Soil and gardening products
  • Industrial Chemicals

The Flex-Pack management team has more than 75 years of combined experience in the plastic packaging industry and we craft our Side Gusset Bags with state-of-the-art equipment. Our Side Gusset Bags are an efficient and sustainable packaging solution for any company wanting to enhance their flexible packaging design.

Present your products with modern, practical and attractive product packaging that stays top-of-mind. Contact us today to place an order or for more product information about our Side Gusset Bags.

Companies Who Love Our Side Gusset Bags

  • Nature’s Balance
  • Equine Health Sciences
  • Associated Packaging

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Side Gusset Pouch