Spouted Pouch Design

To cut to the chase, if the product you are looking to package using our exceptionally high quality packaging solutions, we suggest you to consider looking into the spouted standup pouches. These pouches are designed specifically for the packaging and carrying of many types of liquids, regardless of their viscosity.

Adding a spout to the standup pouch has been a groundbreaking innovation in the world of product packaging.

The benefits of the spout on standup pouches are multifold

Firstly, on account of the stability that the structure and design of the standup pouches provides, it is incredibly easy to store liquids upright without risking a spill.

In addition to this, the spout on the standup pouches makes it incredibly user friendly to screw open and then close the caps of the pouch back down. The advantage of this is that it provides the extra insurance that there is no way your liquid product will spill out, even if the standup pouch itself was to topple down.

And last but not least, the spout on the standup pouch makes it possible to get precise control on the amount that is expelled from the container. All the user has to do it tilt the pouch and squeeze according to the amount of product they want, and the product that pours out will not be a drop more or less than exactly what was wanted.

Given the many benefits, the ones we have talked about, and others that haven’t been mentioned, it makes sense that spouted standup pouches are such a popular way of packaging liquid in the present state of the packaging solutions industry.

Industry Uses For Spouted Liquid Stand-up Pouches

Spouted Liquid Stand-Up Pouches are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility and functionality. Here are just a few ways spouted liquid stand-up pouches are used today:

Spouted Pouch Packaging
  • Breast milk storage bags
  • Sports drinks
  • Yogurt
  • Household cleaner
  •  Detergents
  •  Soap
  •  Industrial chemicals
  •  Adult beverages

Beginning in packaging specialties in the late 90’s, Flex-Pack has grown to become a leading packaging company in the industry today. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to meet custom specifications and requirements from all of our clients. Contact us today or continue to browse our website for more information about our Spouted Liquid Stand-Up Pouches, or any of our other sustainable packaging solutions.

Product Packaging Design

Breast milk storage bags

Because breast milk is a product that has the most fragile and precious consumers, it is so very important to ensure the breast milk storage bags are ones that are not only highly functional but also provide the necessary barriers to prevent external substances and contaminants from permeating the packaging so that no health risks are posed toward the infant that consumes the milk.
Additionally, the use of spouted liquid standup pouches as breast milk storage bags makes it highly convenient for breastfeeding mothers to not only easily store the milk, but also easily pour it out into a feeder bottle without any extra and unnecessary hassle.


Sports drinks

With high pace environments in the world of sports, the last thing that players and management teams need is to be wasting time with difficult packaging of sports drinks just to feel refreshed. This is especially true for game time; because of the mere seconds long intervals that players get to take a quick swig of sports drinks, it is very important for you as the provider to make sure that your packaging causes no hassle for the users. Therefore, a great option or you to consider is spouted liquid standup pouches. The spouted liquid standup pouches that you can avail of at flex pack are not only great for a quick opening package but also provide sound packaging for the sports drinks within, which contains electrolytes and other nutrients necessary for players, to be packaged safely and cleanly.



As we mentioned above, our spouted liquid standup pouches are great for liquid of any viscosity and consistency. Just as in the case of drinks, spouted stand up pouches make great candidates for the packaging of viscous liquids such as yogurt. Not only will the spouted liquid standup pouches that you can avail of at flex pack provide a stable and sound structural base for your yogurt to be stored in without risking spillage, but they will also prevent any contaminants from attacking the yogurt and rendering it unusable. Our spouted stand up pouches can provide durability as well as help you prolong the shelf life of the product so that, when kept in the right conditions, the product can be used for as long as its prescribed date of expirations.


Household cleaner

Because a household cleaner is a product that is bought very frequently and used very often, it is impertinent for your product packaging to be one that can hold up to the frequent use, carrying, and moving of the product, which is why we believe spouted liquid standup pouches are the best packaging solution that can rise up to the occasion. Thanks to their design with the spout and a screw-on cap, this type of packaging make it very easy to store as well as carry the package around the house with you to the various spaces that need to be cleaned. In addition, the spout gives the user more control over the amount of product dispelled from the package and use only the exact amount of house cleaner that is needed.



The main use of detergents entails the lifting and pouring of the product, and so as the producer of detergents, you must ensure that this aspect of functionality is preserved by the packaging that you use. The best option for this exact purpose is spouted standup pouches which are incredibly easy to handle and only pour out the detergent in controlled amounts so the materials or objects undergoing a cleaning do not sustain any damages from excessive use of the product.



Soap, just like house cleaners and detergents, is a product that not only needs spouted liquid standup pouches that will ensure that its contents will not spill, and are secure inside the pouch, but also one that enables the users of the soap to only squeeze out the amount that is needed. This will help avoid wastage along with many surfaces around them getting slippery!


Industrial chemicals

Like many industrial uses for spouted pouches on this list, industrial chemicals are in fact one the products where even the slightest access of a product can lead to catastrophic results, which is why spouted liquid stand up pouches not only give the user control of the amount of product, but the seal of the cap also prevent users from coming into contact with potentially toxic and hazardous industrial chemicals.


Adult beverages

Using spouted liquid stand up pouches for the packaging of your adult beverages makes them not only incredibly portable and easy to throw in a bag and carry around, but the sealing mechanism of the cap on the spout also ensures that the adult beverages won’t spill inside your pockets and cause a mess.

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  • Dapple Baby Wash
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