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Food Product Packaging

When it comes to product packaging, there are many solutions available to you today!

However, here at Flex-Pack we believe we can offer the best solution for you. Not only do we offer quality products, but we offer premier graphics to give your product packaging that extra punch to win in the marketplace. Below we’ll highlight our products and the markets they serve, as well as discuss how they can help grow your business.


Food Packaging

Our food packaging is a great packaging solution for all your food needs. With strong barrier films, your product will retain its freshness/aroma and be protected all in one. Need to package your coffee? No problem. What about dried fruit? We can help you package that too. Whatever your food packaging needs may be,

Pet Care

Pets are integral members of our families and lives today. Our pet food packaging is created with that in mind. Offering superior barrier properties compared to traditional multi-wall paper bags, coupled with multi-layer laminations and re-closable features, your pet’s food, treats and more are sure to be kept fresh and safe.

Lawn & Garden

Our lawn & garden product packaging offers superior barrier properties compared to traditional multi-wall paper bags, allowing your fertilizer, grass seed and more to stay fresh and protected. We have also recently expanded this packaging solution’s capabilities to supply plastic-based large format bags over 15 pounds

Health & Beauty

Conveying a high quality image is essential for health and beauty products. To ensure we accomplish just that, Flex-Pack works with customers to maximize the shelf appeal of their designs. Using proprietary techniques, we are able to enhance colors, sharpness of the image and overall contrast to create a more vibrant packaging solution.

Chemical & Industrial

Chemical & Industrial packaging has been a staple at Flex-Pack since our inception. Capable of producing a broad range of barrier films and product packaging formats, our chemical and industrial solutions are sure to meet the diverse needs of our customers.


Meat can be a tricky item to package. For that reason, we offer a wide array of retail pouches or modified atmosphere bags for shelf stable applications. We also offer supply stock nylon/poly vacuum pouches in a variety of sizes, ensuring your fresh or frozen meat products have the perfect package for your application.

Whatever Your Product

We can Find A package that's Right for you!

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