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Flex-Pack has been producing flexible chemical & industrial packaging products since our inception. Since then, we’ve put the time and effort into crafting the ultimate packaging solutions in the industry. With our capabilities to produce a broad range of barrier films and product packaging formats, we’ve been able to meet the diverse needs of the industrial marketplace time and time again. Below we’ll detail our wide range of chemical and industrial product packaging solutions and discuss what they can do for you.

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Importance Of Quality Chemical & Industrial Product Packaging

Chemical & Industrial packaging has been a staple at Flex-Pack since the beginning. Capable of producing a wide variety of barrier films and packaging formats, our chemical and industrial solutions are sure to meet the diverse needs of our customers. 

Having an industrial packaging solution you can count on is imperative. Not only for you as the customer, but for us as the manufacturer as well. After all, faulty product packaging can lead to recalls — which nobody wants. Here at Flex-Pack, however, you can rest assured knowing this unfortunate fate will not happen to you. Each of our flexible product packaging products are crafted with the consumer in mind, and we stand behind them 100%.

Custom Packaging Design

In addition to being a long-term product packaging solution, our chemical and industrial packaging is capable of customizing your look with premier graphics and vivid colors, including a matte finish for an almost 3D-like appearance. Also available with custom features like zippers, tear notches, hang holes and more, our packaging design has everything you could hope for from an industrial product packaging solution.

Benefits And Features

Chemical and industrial packaging provides both small and large industries with a durable long term product solution – which is where industrial packaging differs from other product packaging solutions. Since this packaging is intended to keep products in storage for longer, extra attention is given to the strength and thickness of the products material. With that same idea in mind, contamination is also at the forefront of our concern. That’s why we’ve taken extra measures to make sure our product is tamper-proof.

That said, our industrial product packaging doesn’t lack versatility. We still have the flexibility to meet customers specific needs. Below we’ll highlight some of the added value options of our chemical and industrial product packaging:

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Industry Applications

  • Oil
  • Toilet discs

At Flex-Pack we don’t put a limit on our versatility. By being flexible and providing a wide range of product packaging solutions, we’re able to best meet the needs of our customers. Continue to browse our website to get a better understanding about our cutting-edge industrial & chemical packaging solutions. Have a question or need more information? Contact us now or give us a call at (513) 561-1559!

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