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It’s no secret, people love food. Especially really tasty food.

However, without proper food packaging you run the risk of an item spoiling, or arriving not as fresh as it should. For that reason, the experts at Flex-Pack have crafted a quality, tamper-proof food packaging solution to ensure that doesn’t happen to you. We detail that below.

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As we discussed above, there’s nothing worse than food spoiling before you have the chance to enjoy it. However, with our strong barrier films we can guarantee protection from the absorption of moisture, oxygen, light, foreign smells, and loss of flavor. By tailoring the right combination of barrier films to deliver the exact requirements for each individual application, we are able to ensure you have the freshest, tastiest product available. 

Additionally, our flexible product packaging for food has microwave friendly features, including side vents to eliminate spills, easy-open tear strips for optimal convenience, cool to the touch zones to prevent burning, steam release valves to provide accurate and consistent cooking conditions and more. Pair that with our improved resealable features and your food is sure to stay fresh for however long you keep it in the package!

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Food Packaging Design

Say you have a specific vision for your food packaging product. Maybe you want your package to be rose red with a matte finish, or perhaps you want a vivid yellow or crisp blue? Or maybe you want to bear nutritional facts or other product specific information? Either way, the experts at Flex-Pack can provide you with the packaging design you are looking for. If you have the idea, we can make it a reality. After all, you want the look of your package to properly represent the product you have inside!

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Food Packaging Wrapped Up

At the end of the day, our food packaging is designed to keep your product fresh and to eliminate any outside influences from tampering with it. 

Whether it’s aroma barrier for coffee, moisture barrier for dried fruit or a combination of different properties for freshness, Flex-Pack can design the most cost effective solution for your product. Not only that, but we’ll make it look good too! 

Continue to browse our website for more information about our food product packaging or any of the other solutions we provide. Have a question or want a quote? Give us a call at (513) 561-1559. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have!

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