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It’s no secret, people love food. Especially really tasty food.

People all around the world rely on a wide variety of food packaging types to keep their favorite meals and snacks fresh, healthy, and safe. When freshness is the ultimate goal, you need flexible food packaging that keeps all the goodness in and any problems out. If the material is not strong enough or properly produced for the specific type of product inside, it may spoil, lose its nutrients, defrost before it should, or even become susceptible to tampering. If you are involved in any type of food production or packaging industry work, these are the last things you want. Any safety issues could be devastating for your brand.


This is why Flex-Pack has made it our mission to develop the highest quality food packaging solutions for companies who want the best. Our expert team of researchers and developers have now created an easy to use option that offers flexible solutions for a wide variety of foods and other products.


Flexible Food Packaging Offers Layers of Protection

As mentioned above, you need food packaging that keeps food fresh above all else. The options we provide here are so much more than simple bags that can hold different types of food. Each one is carefully manufactured with multiple layers of protection that maximize freshness and safety. Whether the bag is large or small, it includes sturdy barrier films inside that stop anything from getting to the food products or leaching out of it. They stop moisture, light, air, and germs.


We understand that different types of grocery items have different safety needs. A package full of frozen fish can experience different leaching problems than a bag of dry granola, for example. Of course, all materials used in the packaging are deemed perfectly safe for contact with food intended for human consumption.


To put it simply, the food stays delicious and healthy. None of its smells or juices leak out. And the flexible food packaging itself offers peace of mind to consumers who need to trust what they give to their families. Temper-proof packaging is essential not only for public safety but also the reputation of the food packaging plant and the brand products are within. The last thing any company needs are questions or concerns about their quality control when it comes to keeping the public healthy.

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Choose Food Packaging that Works for Your Products

Different types of food need different types of packaging. A large part of the success of the flexible bag-style options offered here relates to how easy they are to use in the manufacturing or production setting. They are easily integrated with automated equipment that fills and seals the packs securely so they reach the grocery store or other and destination without problems.


The flexibility inherent in these types of materials extends beyond the physical, too. The outside layer is easy to print with your brand’s logo, label, and all necessary information about the food contained within. After all, no matter how great the flexible food packaging you use, it must still comply with all FDA labeling regulations. At the very least, any food container needs nutritional information and ingredients prominently displayed on the back or sides. This flexible food packaging gives you a lot of space to do just that without compromising brand identity.


Whether you sell frozen fish or fruit, granola, pet food, nutritional supplements, or any other product that needs the multi-layer protection of this material, you get the perfect solution. Choose your brand-specific color, shiny or matte, and the perfect size for the amount of product you wish to sell.

End Users Love the Convenience and Eco-Friendly Design

More consumers than ever before are going green and want to buy products that use minimal packaging. Instead of choosing bulky plastic or cardboard for your food, flexible food packaging allows you to minimize material use. This benefits you in multiple ways. First, it frequently costs less than other options, so you can profit more in the end. Second, the end-user who buys your product in the grocery store appreciates the efforts you make toward an eco-friendly packaging ideal.


Also, people want convenience with their safety these days. Along with all the health and safety benefits afforded by the multi-layer flexible food packaging, consumers are also able to use them directly in their microwave for cooking. Flex-Pack offers vented pouches with cool zones to help avoid burns, easy tear-off top strips so people can open the bags without any trouble, stand-up structures with wide bases, and resealable pressure strips so the food stays fresher longer.


In order to satisfy the needs and best interests of food packaging companies all across the country, the Flex-Pack team in Ohio has dedicated ourselves to only offering the best. We use state-of-the-art equipment to bring the well-researched flexible food packaging to life. Since 1999, we have worked tirelessly to do everything possible to create and ship a variety of packaging materials that meets all safety regulations, expectations of the brands who use them, and consumer interests.

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Food Packaging Wrapped Up

At the end of the day, our food packaging is designed to keep your product fresh and to eliminate any outside influences from tampering with it. 

Whether it’s aroma barrier for coffee, moisture barrier for dried fruit or a combination of different properties for freshness, Flex-Pack can design the most cost effective solution for your product. Not only that, but we’ll make it look good too! 

Continue to browse our website for more information about our food product packaging or any of the other solutions we provide. Have a question or want a quote? Give us a call at (513) 561-1559. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have!

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