Roll Stock

Roll Stock is essentially what the name suggests – film wound on a roll.

To be more specific, though, it is laminated film wound on a cylindrical cardboard core. Designed for use in automated machinery and easily implemented at the end of your packaging line, roll stock is a leading solution in form, fill and seal packaging.

Roll Stock is a versatile design, conducive to both vertical and horizontal form/fill/seal applications. Compatible with almost any forming, filling and sealing machine, use of the laminated film adds value and productivity to your product.

However, it’s not just the functionality of the sealing solution that makes its packaging design so functional – it’s also visually appealing. We offer laminated roll stock in a number of colors, all of which are able to add graphics and personal designs. The color and versatile design capabilities are limitless.

Industry Uses for Roll Stock

Roll Stock is used for almost an infinite number of purposes in a variety of industries today. We’ve highlighted a few of the most common uses below.

  • Potato chips
  • Candy
  • Frozen food
  • Seafood packaging
  • Coffee

With decades of experience in the flexible packaging industry, Flex-Pack is a fill-seal and product packaging leader. With the ability to serve a number of purposes for many different industries across the board, our roll stock boasts a versatile and durable design and serves as a staple product for our packaging company.

Companies who Love our Roll Stock

  • Michael Angelo Foods
  • West Salem Packaging
  • Cox’s Wholesale Seafood

Flex-Pack is a privately held company that has built its reputation on high quality and service. We’ve been able to achieve this by listening to our customers, analyzing their requirements and crafting specialized packaging solutions to meet their needs. If you have questions in regards to Roll Stock or any other food packaging or flexible packaging solution, contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!