Specialty Flexible Packaging

Flex-Pack is happy to provide our customers with a number of Specialty Flexible Packaging options.

These product packaging options are designed to meet the unique needs of a variety of products in all industries and can be complimented with custom color, labeling and design options to highlight your brand.

Microwavable Flexible Packaging

Our microwavable flexible packaging options are all designed to withstand heat inside the microwave. Used within the food industry, this kind of packaging design can also withstand the frigid temperatures of a freezer – as many microwavable food items are freezer-to-microwave. Our microwavable packaging also includes consumer-friendly features such as “cool to the touch” zones to prevent burning, tear strips for easy opening and convenient side vents to eliminate spills inside the microwave. Microwavable product packaging options also include steam release valves to ensure accurate and consistent cooking conditions 100 percent of the time. Flex-Pack can even provide additional customization with clear windows, if desired.

Eco-Friendly Flexible Packaging

Sustainable packaging is changing the packaging industry for the better and Flex-Pack is proud to offer Eco-Friendly Flexible Packaging. These sustainable packaging designs not only offer a number of benefits but they also appeal to a growing number of eco-friendly buyers. Our eco-friendly pouch packaging options are recyclable, weigh less than traditional packaging options, consume less energy during the manufacturing process and while being transported, and they create less waste in our landfills. Our eco-friendly pouches are most often used for food packaging but the options are endless.

Special Technology Flexible Packaging

We offer a number of Special Technology packaging options boasting microwavable valves and vents, 100 percent recyclable film, laser scoring, registered matte finish and more. Flex-Pack also offers Dual Compartment Pouch Packaging for a number of unique applications. Not sure if we offer the kind of special technology packaging your product requires? Contact us today to find out.

Flex-Pack executes a strict product quality control system to ensure your Special Technology Flexible Packaging is everything you need it to be. Contact us to learn more about our Special Technology Flexible Packaging offerings. We can help you determine which packaging option is best for you and your product.

Industry Uses for Specialty Flexible Packaging

  • Printer cartridge packaging
  • Dental and medical bags
  • Packaging for electrical components
  • Frozen fruit packaging
  • Packaging for microwave meals
  • Recyclable pouch packaging for food items
  • Dual Compartment pouch packaging for 2-cycle motor oil

Companies Who Love Our Specialty Flexible Packaging

  • Dole
  • Campbell’s
  • Uncle Ben’s® Rice
  • Kroger